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Aching Free Sleep Position

No doubt the importance of sleep to health. But there seems to be the case closed his eyes to sleep alone. A vote sleeping position can make you wake up in a state of pain or stiff neck and sore throat. Consider the position of sleeping to do and what should be avoided.

Sleep on your back
This sleep position is ideal to prevent pain in the neck and back, reducing the reflux of stomach acid, minimizing wrinkles and maintain the breast shape is not easy to lose.

Unfortunately, this supine position for sleep can cause snoring. For those who snore often are advised to use a soft pillow for the head and neck are not supported too high. Sleep on your back are also often causes back pain, because he put a pillow under your knees to the legs slightly bent. If the bed is too soft and melesek, to the thickness of the board approximately 1 cm below the sheets.

Sleeping in
In general, the side sleeping position is good for health because it is effective in reducing snoring. Sleeping position with knees bent and slightly raised toward the chest with a pillow attached strongly recommended to prevent back pain.

Side sleeping is the most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women. In addition to the blood circulation, while the enlarged abdomen supine sleeping position can cause shortness of breath.

The disadvantage of this position during sleep is to accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on the face. ”All the pressure will be on one side facing the pillow. This position will also cause rapid decline in breast cancer,” Rajapaksa said Dr.Roshini, editor of the journal Health.

The position of the curve
The side sleeping position with knees bent and chest slightly elevated, as the fetal position is not recommended. ”The position of this curve is pushing the diaphragm so that it can interfere with breathing,” said Chang dody, acupuncturist Center for Integrative Medicine, USA.

He added that this sleeping position curves can also cause back pain, facial wrinkles faster, and the breasts sag. However the fetal position sleeping style is often perceived uncomfortable for pregnant women.

Sleeping on your stomach
For those who often complain of back pain should avoid the prone position, but with a stomach pad wedge. Sleeping position like this is difficult to maintain a neutral spine.

Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on joints and muscles that irritate nerves and cause pain and numbness. Also in this position, the head is on one side in a long time so that the neck will be tough.

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