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Active Child Moves, Smart Math

Smart in math to be an advantage of a child who has been actively moving. In this case, children who are obese or overweight.

Regular exercise will increase the ability of children who are overweight, which is usually just sit still, to be able to think, make plans, it can even grow in mathematics. Thus the findings of researchers at the Georgia Health Sciences University.

Why do math? Not explain why, but the main reason is that mathematics is a subject that has a higher level of difficulty compared to other subjects and also requires more concentration to learn.

Researchers also hope that not only obese children undergoing exercise every day, but also those who were poor. The study was based on observations of 171 overweight children aged 7 to 11 years.

After doing the exercise every day, there is a significant development in terms of competency and skills in mathematics.According to the central site Pysch after MRI of the brain of children, there is increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, an area that is typically used to think.

In addition, the IQ has been increased. Most often they exercise, the higher the IQ. On average, an increase of 3.8 points for those who practice 40 minutes a day after school for three months.

Sports that can be diverse: the hula hoop, running, jumping rope, and other sports, including swimming and cycling.

All sports it is also the stimulation of the brain more active.Everything from the movement that carried out while making the blood more fluid, so that oxygen delivery was smooth as well.

In essence, a child could not move if the brain is not active. To be active, oxygen required, and so on. It is all interconnected.Therefore, if there are children who are overweight, do not let them sit. Invite them to move as often as possible.

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