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Aerobic Exercise Keep Brain Young

Besides the advantage in maintaining physical fitness to stay fit and healthy, aerobic activity was also tied to the health brains.

A small study by experts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, USA, claiming that aerobicactivity plays an important role in the brains in order to keepyoung and fit.

The findings are based on observation of seven men and sevenolder women (physically active), aged 60-80 years, by examiningthe number and shape of blood vessels in the brains.Researchers led by Professor Elizabeth Bullitt, MD, aneurosurgeon.

The subjects were divided into two groups. The first group are those who perform a high activity and participating in aerobicexercise at least 180 minutes per week for 10 years.

While the second group are those who do not have a low activityand a history of regular exercise and only spent less than 90 minutes a week while doing physical activity.

The results showed, in the group with a high activity and doaerobics, blood vessel diameter is smaller, tortuous vessels and had not a pattern similar to young adults.

According to the researchers, of course, the blood vessels of the brains of older people tend to be narrow and winding. But studieshave shown, cerebrovascular pattern in people with a high levellook “younger” than those who are less physically active.

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