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Aromatherapy people in everyday life

Since the days of early civilizations of Egypt, aromatherapy in everyday life. Without the complexity of modern medicine, people at the time that traditional and alternative medicine to relieve physical pain Resort. But since the advent of modern science in the field of medicine, healing traditions with natural resources gradually.


But today, with a tendency to return to the nature and basis, aromatherapy has become very popular in the world because of the nature of the therapy. usually involves the use of parts of various vegetable oils aromatherapy aromatherapy. Essential oils are believed to contain therapeutic properties, which contribute significantly to the patient to recover and eventually recovered.

aromatic oils 101

In fact, aromatherapy refers to the art of healing, extracts and aromatic oils extracted from various plants, a sense of physical and mental well-being.


The most common form of using essential oils are inhaled, a drop of aromatic oil of your choice on a piece of tissue paper or fabric. Apart from the inhalation with a cloth or tissue, you can also enjoy aromatherapy oils to the inhalation of steam, which implies the use of aromatherapy oil has dropped in a bowl withhot water. Aromatherapy oils, if used in conjunction with a carrier oil is also a good way to get a relaxing massage or a relaxing bath.

In addition to serving as a quiet place in the Middle oil smell, it could be a problem of common household odors such as kitchen drawer or a complete room. Different essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and bug repellent may also be effective and natural insect repellent. You can do a few drops of oil on cotton balls to aromatherapy and put them in places where insects thrive in a rule that doors and windows.

The possibilities are endless, you can use essential oils, it is important to familiarize yourself with the things that your aromatherapy oils before the purchase or acquisition.

should be aware

- Do a search shortly before the special aromatic oils. Because each type of aromatherapy oils have healing properties, you can not guarantee that the products you buy are not sick because of you. Make sure you know what is the nature of the specific objectives that are used by the disease.

- Be careful on the container. The first thing you should consider when buying essential oils is the container. If you look at the essential oils are placed in clear bottles or plastic bottles, then ignore them, because the light does not light or too strong can damage the intrinsic properties of aromatherapy oils. Ensure that essential oils are placed in colored bottles to ensure compliance with quality.

- Make sure you check and verify the label. By checking the labels, you can ensure that essential oils that you plan to buy a pure. Avoid buying bottles, “perfume” or “perfume”, as they do not contain essential oils extracted from plants.

say – Carefully inspect the bottle with the expiry date and the dust. If the bottles are dust on his hat or around the container, do not buy, because it shows that your product is old now and can be aromatic and healing properties.

lost – see the price. Since the extracts and pure essential oils extracted from various plants, ranging in price drastically. Note that pure therapeutic essential oils extracted from exotic plants are more expensive than ordinary plants.

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