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Avocado Overcome Oily Skin Remedy

Who says the body treating costly, with the salon, which hundreds of thousands oreven millions of dollars? Natural ingredients from your kitchen can be processed into dry skin and dull hair renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. Fresh and organicingredients such as fruits, can be formulated in a practical way to beautify yourself.

potions avocado
Avocado is a fruit recovering, suitable to protect and balance the oils in your hairand skin. Avocados are also often called ”vegetable staple beauty” as the naturalnourishing oils and other benefits.

Vitamin A in the avocado adds shine to hair. Although the content of vitamin B, canbalance oil production. Thanks avocado, oil production in the skin of the body andhead can be controlled. The fruit is a great solution for you, who have oily skin andhair. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E, which serves to protect the skin from the sun and pollution.

After understanding the benefits, now you can start an avocado mixture to a naturalbeauty products. How, one or two of avocado puree and rub into the hair or skin.

To feel different sensations treating the body with avocado, add mashed avocadothat is:
1 tablespoon organic honey warm.
1 tablespoon mayonnaise or organic almond oil.

Then apply the avocado mixture on the face, body and hair. Cover the hair with ashower cap and let stand 15 minutes. Then rinse the entire body. Use a shampoo for your hair to rinse. Easy right?

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