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Balance And Power In P90X2‏

This disc will be intimidating as most P90X2 reviews have stated, because this will really test your balance in ways that will probably cause you to pause the DVD, check, and re-check how to get the moves right. This one will take some practice because when you throw a medicine ball into the mix and it becomes the foundation for your pushups, you are really asking for an intense workout. But hey, that’s what you signed up for. If you bought P90X, P90X2 will carry over that same bit of surprise of, “I can’t believe it. I tried and man, it really worked.”

 P90X2 is meant for the professional athlete. If you are someone trying out for the football team, you’ve probably heard of P90X. P90X2 is a boot camp in physical training. The Balance and Power disc will surprise in the sense that in some moves, your balance will be very good. In other moves, you will look pitiful but that’s what comes with learning. We have strengths and weaknesses and P90X2 is strength training, especially in the first week. The second week is the practice makes perfect week. How does someone strengthen their balance? P90X2 has the answer. That’s not something you totally get in P90X.

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