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Be careful of Allergy Trigger Pads ‘vulvitis’

Practical and efficient, the slogan that often make women are tempted to choose the pills at low cost. But if this is cheap is certainly detrimental to our health is not good. As an example the case of an allergic reaction pads are experienced by Nia (a pseudonym) 18 years, adolescents who complain of marked inflammation of the vulva changes color red sores, blisters and itching (irritation) on the external genitals vagina.

Nia and anxious parents worried about their daughter had contracted a venereal disease. But apparently after being a gynecologist, was suffering from vulvitis or vulvar inflammation in the area of ​​external female genital organs due to an allergic reaction to the toilet.

The health care of women in reality is not complicated, but if not intended to impact an infection, especially when the period of treatment time. The female organs are wetlands and sensitive. The lack of air circulation and, potentially, become a hotbed of germs to multiply when a woman cares about his hygiene.

In obstetrics, a common allergic reactions are vulvitis, which is inflammation of the vulva or external female genital area. There are many other causes of inflammation and infection of the vulva is added to the pads allergic, such as bacteria, viruses, hormonal changes, lack of personal hygiene, systemic diseases, chemical drugs, condoms and other allergies.

What are the symptoms of vulvitis? When you find out the symptoms of female organs of itching, burning hot, puffy inflamed, the outer skin of the genitals red color with (or without) stains – red spots occur even watery blisters (irritation), the outer skin of the vagina looks rough and scaly, reddish, sometimes accompanied by complaints of vaginal discharge. If the pads are not replaced soon be sort of allergic reaction may occur the organ of infection in the vagina, causing vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina.

What to do when someone is having an allergic reaction to diapers?

1. Immediately discontinue use of these pads and replace any other suitable type, if necessary, use a homemade dressing with a towel or soft cotton.

2. Wear cotton underwear and loose. Avoid tight underwear made from synthetic

3. Replace the pads as often as possible, avoid using tampons or vaginal douch especially during menstruation

4. Avoid the use of drugs without a doctor’s ointment. Lubrication in the female should be confirmed before because, if the allergies, fungus or infection.

5. Clean the area of ​​women, the first of the new clean the anal area, the direction to remove from front to back. Then, with a clean towel.

6. Consult your obstetrician or midwife to get treatment for strep vuva is not more widespread.

7. While cleaning the vagina should not use soap or deodorant vaginal cleaners that contain chemicals.

8. It is advisable not to use vaginal lavage fluid containing antiseptic and various herbs to flush the vagina. Even if one is not easy to allergies, but the use of chemical-based fluids for washing and cleaning the female can alter the natural state of the vagina and protects good germs weakening of genital infections.

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