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Benefits of fresh watermelon

Watermelon as your favorite fruit in the summer. The water contentis high and the sweet taste makes it a choice of fresh muzzles.Watermelon is also rich in antioxidants, glutathione, which is abundant in fruits and vegetables are colored red. Antioxidantshave proven effective in preventing various diseases.

No one knows exactly how long watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) began servants, but according to historical records, this fruit has been known for thousands of years by the Egyptians (see the images that exist in the tomb of Pharaoh hierogliph).

What is interesting about this fruit, watermelon, the fruit is not onlybeneficial. The white part of watermelon contains compounds that act healthy kidneys, such as prevention and destroy kidney stones.

Parts of eating the fruit will also increase the burning of fat andglucose. At least tested in rats. Arginine amino acid content in watermelon actually reduce fat in mice that are overweight.

To enjoy the maximum benefit, then the selection of fresh watermelon is worth doing. To select it, caress stay outside and hear the sound coming out. If the sound is contained then it probably is a good watermelon.

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