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Beware Sperm Damaged by Cigarette

The cases of male infertility are more common in smokers. One possible cause is due to consumption of snuff impairs the ability of sperm into the egg. Also, according to research by a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo, USA.

For the study, researchers compared the sperm of 18 smokers and nonsmokers. In the examination of sperm in the laboratory is known that smokers are less able to adhere to the egg cell, and this is an important step in fertilization.
“There was a decrease in the ability of sperm to fertilize, especially male heavy smokers,” says researcher Lani Burkman doctorate.Men who smoke should also be aware of the risk of DNA damage in sperm defects that affect the fetus. ”Men who smoke should consult their doctor or andrology sperm immediately quit,” he said.

In this study, all respondents in the group of smokers used to smoke four bars in one day. On average, they had become smokers over 15 years.

“Like other cells in the body, human sperm also carry nicotine receptors, which means that recognize and respond to nicotine,” said Burkman.

Nicotine from smoking can also reduce sperm count and reduce blood flow to the penis can cause impotence. In previous studies in the laboratory, sperm exposed to nicotine experienced various types of changes that greatly affect reproductive function.

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