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Born Near Distance, Bad for Bones

The frequency of pregnancy and childbirth can have a profound impact on health, including bone. Women often give birth and in the adjacent high risk of decreased bone density.
According to the expert medical rehabilitation of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Ciptomangunkusumo (FKUI-RSCM) Siti Annissa Nuhonni, during pregnancy the fetus requires lots of calcium for bone formation, and the need is met by reserves calcium in the body of his mother.
“In addition to pregnancy, after childbirth breastfeeding mothers more calcium mother to her child,” said faculty member at the Faculty of Medicine, the RSCM.
He added, pregnancy and childbirth that are adjacent in time can also cause impaired balance estrogen. Although estrogen is necessary for calcium in the bones. ”Therefore, they are more at risk for osteoporosis,” he said.
To prevent calcium loss, nutritionists recommend that Fiastuti Witjaksono a woman from the age of reproduction has sufficient reserves of calcium.
“If the levels of calcium in the blood, that is taken calcium in bones and teeth, as 80 percent of calcium is there,” said a specialist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine that.
Calcium intake may be met from many sources, such as milk, cheese, anchovy, soy, yogurt, and green leafy vegetables. Those older than 19 years to 50 years need 1000 mg of calcium per day.
Fiastuti but warned that increasing age may lead to the absorption of calcium in the intestine was not optimal.
“If the adult gut can only absorb 40-50 percent of calcium that we asup, because it must calculate how much calcium we have no lack asup order,” he said.
A natural way to increase calcium intake to bask in the sun for 15 minutes in the morning and the intake of caffeine, foods high in salt to reduce and stop smoking.

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