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5 Reasons Why Healthy Holiday


Leave a tie, shoes, high heels, laptop, or a stack of your work. Here you will find the holiday in the interest of health. Several scientific studies show why we should be planned between the holiday routine.

1. Reduce the risk of heart disease

According to a study of 13,000 people at high risk of heart attack, those who regularly holiday once a year the risk of heart disease drops to 29 percent.

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8 Tips Help You Stop Smoking

Each year, millions of people around the world are trying to quit smoking but failed. One of the main reasons why quitting smoking is the inability to formulate and implement a program to quit smoking successfully.But you do not have to give up the situation. Each individual at its core is capable of changing smoking habits have provided a firm intention and purpose. You do not have to stay for overcoming addiction to cigarettes.Here are some simple tips to help you quit smoking for 30 days:

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There’s not Too Late to Stop Smoking

Many studies have shown smoking can shorten the person’s age and life expectancy.The good news however is never too late to quit smoking. Even if you are late to quit smoking, but can help reduce the risk of death prematura.Expertos German Centre for Cancer Research in Heidelberg analyzed data from 17 previous studies conducted in seven countries (Australia, China, Britain, Japan, France, Spain and U.S.), published between 1987 and 2011.

5 The act strange It Beneficial to Health

Perhaps you’ve heard the use of leeches as wound healing or disease on modern health technologies. Or other strange things.Here are five things at once is unusual only beneficial to your health, at least according to Christopher Wanjek, author of Bad Medicine and Food at work.

1. Vibration Exercise
This exercise was initially considered a myth. However, the opposite has been a lot of exercise equipment that uses vibrations in the training system. Induced vibration is supposed to increase your mobility in the movement. Machine vibration can speed healing of muscle and bone density in patients with osteoporosis. The downside, no studies that address the levels of vibration and how long a safe practice.

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Not Proven, HP Trigger Cancer Radiation

The use of cell phones or cell phones these days are often associated with impaired health problems like cancer. However, studies in Britain have recently pointed out that there was no convincing evidence linking cell phone use and cancer.

The scientists who carried out an overview of various studies that have been published previously found that “there is no indication of a risk” to public health from exposure to radio waves from mobile phones. Research conducted by an organization in England called the Independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation (AGNIR), which are sheltered under the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

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10 Habits that Make Immunity Down

The immune system is an important part of his body to fight disease and infection. A weakened immune system can lead to serious health conditions, such as infection or flu. Therefore very important to maintain a strong immune system, and one way is to avoid the bad habit of following 10:

1. Smoke

Smoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer, but can also weaken the immune system. There are thousands of toxins in cigarette smoke can affect immune cells in the body and alter their function. That’s why smokers are more prone to severe respiratory problems like pneumonia asthma, bronchitis and even. If you are a smoker and are looking for ways to strengthen the immune system, then you need to quit smoking.

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Men More Forgetful Risk

As we age, the memory function of the human brain in general, be reduced. State was right. But the real question is, if the memory loss in the brains of men and women equal?

The answer was no! Recent research reveals that men have an increased risk of memory loss than women. The study was published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

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