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7 Early Signs Stress Attack

Stress is not always marked with a grim face, empty, persistent crying, irritability, or frustration. What are the symptoms experienced by some people who are stressed. But before reaching that stage there is a sign of the early symptoms of stress attacks. 1. Trouble sleeping. Be careful if you find it difficult to sleep without a good reason. Many people… Continue reading »


12 Signs Depression in Men

Psychological problems of depression were experienced by many adults. In the United States alone, an estimated 5 million people suffer from depression, while in Indonesia the figure reached 11.6 percent or one million people. Clinical depression, both men and women, will cause a prolonged feeling of sadness and loss of interest in a particular activity. Even so… Continue reading »


Stress Make Obama quickly gray hair?

There is a change in the appearance of a number in the United States, President Barack Obama. Her hair looks gray. When asked by the media, he said the change was influenced by genes, because of the stress. “My grandfather started when he was 29 years old, gray. So a question of time when it happened to… Continue reading »


Cover the mouth when hands Startled, Why?

Never seen an actor or an actress when he was surprised andthen pressed the palms of the hands in front of the mouth? Or maybe you did? Because consciously or unconsciously, we tendto put the palms in front of the mouth, holding the hands in front ofor placing on the cheek when you feel anxious or shocked. But why does this happen?