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Avocado oil in Aging

The results showed scientists in Mexico, the lawyer has the potential to be a natural weapon against the aging process and chronic diseases. Oil contained in fruits are proven to fight against harmful free radicals, or molecules that are responsible for the origin of the aging process, heart disease and cancer.

Said the researchers, who have an oil content of special counsel is specifically able to enter the mitochondria, an important part of how cells of the body to convert food into energy. Many antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables like carrots or tomatoes are also able to block free radicals – but unable to penetrate the mitochondria.

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Once Again, Beware of Mercury in Cosmetics

Be careful in choosing cosmetics products, especially facial lightning. Some products may be toxic because they contain mercury which is harmful to the brain, kidneys and liver.

Products containing hazardous materials is not only in developing countries alone in the United States are quite strict regulations were harmful products, outstanding, especially for skin lightening and anti aging products to remove stains and wrinkles.

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In order for Severe Acne No Increase

Although not preventable, there are several steps you can do to make acne worse.

- Gently wash your face every day. Avoid scrubbing too hard orwashing too often in one day.

- Avoid excessive sweating, if you think that can cause acne worse. Wash your face immediately after the end of themovement of the face clean of sweat.

- Wash your hair frequently, especially owners of greasy hair. Becareful not to cover facial hair.

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Avocado Overcome Oily Skin Remedy

Who says the body treating costly, with the salon, which hundreds of thousands oreven millions of dollars? Natural ingredients from your kitchen can be processed into dry skin and dull hair renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. Fresh and organicingredients such as fruits, can be formulated in a practical way to beautify yourself.

potions avocado
Avocado is a fruit recovering, suitable to protect and balance the oils in your hairand skin. Avocados are also often called ”vegetable staple beauty” as the naturalnourishing oils and other benefits.

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Recognize Triggers Dandruff

Rose, scales that are often subtle white collar andshoulder meet, is a question that is oftencomplained of her. Although it can be controlled with treatment, but skin that dandruff is more susceptibleto infection.

Experts say dandruff is nothing to do with the cleanliness of hair or hair washing habits. Dandruff isactually a natural scalp flaking due process wherethe outer layer of skin cells.

Exfoliation cycle of the head (skull) is normal forsmall amounts. In some cases, the intensity of the cycle is increased and accompanied by inflammation, so the accumulated pile of dead skin on the scalp. This is resulting in scales or dandrufflooks a lot more.

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Bathing wear Wheat Eliminate Itching

The most common cause of itching is dry skin. Because itmoisturizes the skin is the key to control itching. One way to get theskin moist and reduce the itching is to bathe wheat.

Wheat pools is done by wrapping a handful of grain in a piece offabric. Then the cloth is boiled in a cooking oats. Use the ”wheatsponge” when beredam in half a tub of hot water lukewarm.

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Dry Skin Easily Infected Bacteria

Women must have longed for a smooth and healthy skin. However,women’s lifestyle cities in Indonesia and climate change tends to disrupt the health and beauty skin with moisture, which in turnmakes the skin drier reduction.

“Dry skin should be avoided. In dry skin bacteria easy entry, causing an infection,” said Dr.. Nadia Yusaryahya, skin specialist,Media Workshop at Brand’s Bird’s Nest on Tuesday (11/10/2011).

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More Skin Tighten with Fleece

The sun, stress, cosmetics, pollution or the skin will lose its ductility, so it seems looser and aging. Skin care products, such as serum and anti-aging products can help maintain the beauty of the skin.

But did you know that these natural ingredients has been proven that the beauty of the skin to recover. It is not possible in the future, four natural ingredients is an important raw material care.

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Skin rashes due to Jewelry

Jewelry is the best friend of a woman. But often complement this performance actually cause allergic skin reactions such as itching,rash, until the appearance of ulcers.

Allergic reactions that occur are usually caused by nickel, a mineral that is often used in a variety of jewelry and accessories, such asclock, glasses, up the zipper and buttons, direct contact with theskin in a while. This allergy affects about 10 percent of the population and the more experienced women.

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