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Scientists say they managed to find a way to convert body fat in the type of good fat you can burn calories and lose weight.

The team of scientists from Johns Hopkins of the United States that progress against rats in the laboratory. They believe the same can be done in humans for future solutions will be found to overcome obesity.

By modifying the expression of proteins associated with appetite, the movement not only succeeded in reducing calorie intake, but also the transformation of the composition of fatty rats.

“Bad fats” has become good fats also called brown fat. This fat is present in the baby’s body is used as a source of energy to regulate body heat, while spending calories. However, age, brown fat (brown fat) that will disappear and be replaced by “evil” white fat usually accumulates around the waist.

The scientists said that by stimulating the body to make more brown fat than white fat, which will be effective for weight control and prevent obesity.

The research team led by Dr Bi Sheng said the experiment was successful in a way to stimulate a protein called NPY. When the protein is inserted into the rat brain, it was successfully suppress appetite and food intake was reduced. In fact, while rats fed high fat diets, their weight remained stable.

Then, when the composition of the fat of the mice examined, we found that the bad fats have been replaced by brown fat is good.

“If it can happen in humans, then you can burn calories, not stored. Therefore, obesity may soon be overcome. Further research will show if possible,” he said.

According to Bi, may be tried in human stem cells are injected under the skin of brown fat to burn fat white and stimulate weight loss.

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