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Chinese Herbal Cancer Cure Accelerate

A kind of old Chinese herbs claimed 1800 years old can help speed up the effects of cancer treatment and reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Known as Huang Qin Tang (PHY-906), this herb is very popular among the people of China as a mixture of extracts of roots and fruits are digunakkan to treat stomach upset and nausea during hundreds of years.
However, according to results of a study conducted by experts from Yale University, these ingredients have major effects in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, because it can increase the effectiveness of such treatment.
The strong effect of chemotherapy drugs are often the cause of adverse toxic effects on patients, particularly the organs of the digestive system. Drugs not only kill cancer cells but also healthy cells around it.
In laboratory experiments on mice, potions PHY-906 was able to protect the intestinal lining and help heal the intestines more quickly. Also, it can reduce inflammation and improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy to kill the tumor.
Huang Qin Tang mixture itself consists of four types of herbs that is – fruit extract of peony, a flower named Berwari cap violet, licorice and black alder tree.
In this study, this herb has been applied to rats who underwent chemotherapy. These mice suffered from rectal and colon cancer.Chemotherapy not only kills the cancer but the effects of damage to the lining of the intestine of rats.
After several days of treatment with PHY906, chemotherapy drugs only affects the intestinal lining is damaged rats. These mice have not lost much weight and cancer cells die too.
“Chemotherapy causes stress for millions of patients, but PHY-906 has a number of biologically active compounds that can act to overcome the disadvantages,” said Professor Yung-Chi Cheng, an expert who publishes the results published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.
“The combination of chemotherapy and the use of medicinal plants represent a marriage of Western and Eastern medicine to treat cancer,” he added.
It also plans to refine the study and understand the usefulness of medicinal plants with the best. ”In reviewing the medical history clear, we hope menemukkan drugs better in the future,” said Professor Cheng.

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