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Coconut Water Myths and Facts

Coconut water, especially young people often used as a statement of the thirst for drinks. It was very refreshing, especially when taken on an empty stomach. Only, not a few ordinary people are drinking coconut water with the other goals.

Someone mentions that coconut water can reduce weight, improve kidney function, to treat allergies. Really?

Coconut water, coconut water, especially young people, has been known as a healthy drink. Is protected by a hard shell and thick coconut coir, a coconut water drink made sterile. Free from all forms of pollution.

According to Professor DR. Made Astawa, MS, in general, coconut water contains 2.6 percent sugar, 0.55 percent protein, 0.74 percent fat, minerals and 0.46 percent. A type of sugar containing glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Several types of palm sugar content of 3 percent in a old coconut water, and 5.1 percent in young coconut water. ”That’s what led young people a taste of fresh coconut water coconut water an age,” said Done.

High potassium in coconut water also contains amino acids and vitamins. Young coconut water also contains a phytochemical component of the tannins. Tannins are antibacterials that inhibit bacterial growth.

With higher mineral content was 730 mg of potassium per 100 grams of young coconut water, which is enough magnesium chloride, sodium sedangka amount is very small. Beverage composition with a ratio of potassium (potassium) with a high sodium content is very beneficial to health.

The nutrient composition near isotonic fluid, which corresponds to body fluids. Sports drinks are expected to replace minerals lost through sweat during exercise or physical activities.

“Only people who actively exercise need to be cautious about using coconut water as an electrolyte drink,” said Emilia Achmadi, MSc coach Sehati health.
They must know the type of exercise and duration. As the sport quite heavy, for example aerobics for 3 hours straight, the body loses sodium. The consumption of coconut water could not offset the need for the body of sodium. No other because the sodium in coconut water a little. If this happens, the body can be deprived of sodium. As a result, the muscles can not contract properly.Heart rate and organ function is affected. The worst risk? You may lose consciousness.

However, if sports are not very heavy, like brisk walking for an hour or yoga, for example, drinking coconut water is not a problem. Conditions, the mineral water consumption in the ordinary.

How are you straightened things and realized by a layperson to understand what was wrong. Like a number of other false things about coconut water is straightened by Emilia.

1. Helps you lose weight
This is according to disalahmengertikan Emilia often by most people. Excessive drinking coconut water can cause diarrhea.Indeed, it seems that after weight loss. However, this is not the proper way to achieve healthy weight. In contrast, coconut water can be used as a stimulant for those bowel obstruction, which can help soften the gastrointestinal tract.

2. More nutritious than whole milk
This is not true. Compared to coconut water, milk (or cream filled or not) are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and sugars. In addition, milk contains several vitamins and minerals like vitamin B complex, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. While coconut water contains only a few minerals only.

3 helps the immune system
There is no scientific literature showing that coconut water makes the body’s immune system becomes better and also helps the body fight some viruses that cause disease. The body’s immune system, described by Emilia, are sisters who very complex.

The only way to improve your immune system is a food derived from a variety of foods. ”And the coconut milk, no offers,” said Emilia. That can provide complete nutritional support is through the ingestion of food with balanced nutrition.

4. Helps prevent kidney stones
The first thing you can do to prevent the formation of kidney stones is enough water or fluids. The liquid can be obtained from coconut water, mineral water, among others. There is truth in that water, either. coconut water or mineral water can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. Only coconut water can not cure kidney stones.

5 Restoring a sense of dizziness caused by drunks
Drunk as a result of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages must be neutralized. The trick to drinking water, either mineral water or coconut water. In fact, to relieve a headache due to hangover, you should drink water containing sugar. The aim is that sugar can quickly get in the central nervous system and take the body attachment in alcohol. Therefore, the negative effects of intoxication can be neutralized.

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