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Concentrated Urine color, Beware of Kidney Stones

Check the color of urine is small habits are important for kidney health. If you drink enough fluids, urine color will be yellow nodes. Color concentrated urine can trigger the formation of crystals so that the increased risk of kidney stones.

“Water acts as a means of removing metabolic waste, while the kidneys are functioning organ which filter blood and remove metabolic waste it. If scarcity of water, the kidneys work more serious,” said Dr. Parlindungan Siregar , Sp PD-KGH, kidney and hypertension in the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine RSCM.

If you are getting enough water, salt, calcium, uric acid, cystine, and other substances in the urine can crystallize and form deposits of minerals, to the size of a pebble. This will cause kidney stones is severe pain when moving a stone in the bladder.

In addition to not drinking, high protein diet can also trigger the formation of kidney stones. ”The higher the animal protein, calcium and uric acid production in the urine will increase so that it can form kidney stones,” he said.

According to Parlin, in a healthy person, urine spending reached two liters a day.Therefore, we have mengasup two to three liters of water in 24 hours. Still, it should be noted also the composition of the water consumed.

“Drinking soft drinks, apple juice, magnesium-containing drinks and alcohol should be limited to maintain kidney health,” he said. In addition, excess vitamin D also increases the risk of kidney stones.

In some people, kidney stones are also caused by a metabolic disorder. ”This can cause high levels of uric acid so the uric acid levels in the urine can come to form uric acid stones,” he said. To overcome this, the doctor will give you medicine to normalize uric acid levels.

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