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Cover the mouth when hands Startled, Why?

Never seen an actor or an actress when he was surprised andthen pressed the palms of the hands in front of the mouth? Or maybe you did? Because consciously or unconsciously, we tendto put the palms in front of the mouth, holding the hands in front ofor placing on the cheek when you feel anxious or shocked. But why does this happen?

“This is called carrier sense gestures of peace. As a child suckshis thumb,” said Janine Driver, President of Body LanguageInstitute in Washington, D. C.

“When our hands touch your face, makes us as if saying to myself ’Calm down, everything is safe’. It is like when our mothers were hugging and saying that we are able to pass through it,” said Driver .
He explained, when someone witnessed terrible accident, the bad news or things that you can trust, put your hands in front of the mouth is a burst of physical expression that indicates thatemotionally we can not accept anything else.

Researchers have found the body language, not all people around the world closed its mouth when you feel shocked,frightened or shocked. The experts also found the Eva was likely to do it more often than men.

“A softer version of this is when a man in a conference room to put a finger on the lips or hands on his chin,” said the driver, who is also the author of the book says You More Than You Think.

Other movements that express fear or surprise is taking the pulse, but the second driver, the body movements used bypeople all over the world, when fear is to open your mouth in an oval and raised both eyebrows.

“And ’in the DNA, it does not matter if you are a black, white orHispanic. Derived from Iraq, Zimbabwe or Chicago,” he said.

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