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Created, Inhibiting Gel in Breast Tumors

A breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer tumors were created by scientists in America. They rubbed the gel drug into the tumor in the breast to reduce tumor size before surgery.

Despite containing the same active substance tablets with tamoxifen, the gel has fewer side effects because it does not rub the site of the tumor. While the active substance in the pill travels through the bloodstream.

“These gels can be a solution for women who are reluctant to eat tomoxiten,” said Dr. Seema Khan, who tested this gel.

If these trials prove successful this therapy is effective and safe treatment called afimoxifene able to move in the next three years.

Tamoxifen, a drug widely used to reduce breast tumors before surgery or to reduce the return of cancer in the AMSA troubleshoots. These drugs block the receptors in the breast who received the hormone estrogen that are considered triggers of breast cancer.

Tomoxifen developed in England in 1960 and help reduce the risk of death from breast cancer by 30 percent. But half of women who use this drug to stop before five years because of unpleasant side effects such as nausea, flushing and obesity, and several other serious side effects.

Meanwhile afimoxfene applied to the tumor site and infiltrate skin cells and stay there. The use of the gel is also certain to reduce the effects of the toxin into the bloodstream.

Research in France involving 55 women showed the active ingredient tamoxifen rubbed on the skin has a dampening effect on the cancerous tissue as well as tablets.

Future studies will be conducted in the United States for six weeks. Participants will include tablets or gel before elective surgery to determine if tumor shrinkage.

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