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Do not Make a habit of Children Sleep While Breastfeeding

Drinking a bottle of milk before bed is considered bedtime a child of cash. However, these habits must be removed as they could cause problems in your child’s teeth.

The problem of dental caries or tooth decay in children under five is called bottlesyndrome decay. The cause is the sugar found in milk teeth stuck in the food and germs in the mouth.

“Milk is still grouped in the child’s mouth will become food for bacteria so that bacteria multiply rapidly. As a result, the enamel surface is more easily damaged and people often call gigis” said the President of Dental Board of the Association ofIndonesia (recognizes) drg.Zaura Anggraini Rini, under the signature of cooperation with Pepsodent PDGI in Jakarta (03/01/12).

So far, the problem of dental caries is a problem of dental health of children. WorldHealth Organization (WHO) declared in 2003 the number of dental caries in childrenreaches 60-90 percent.

Rini suggested that children sleep in a clean condition of the teeth. ”You get used tobottle-fed babies to sleep. From early childhood accustomed to brushing your teeth or at least rinse with water after drinking milk,” he said.

To be effective, of course, parents should mencontohkannya in children. ”Do not justtell the kids, but parents do not brush your teeth before bed,” he said.

Added by him, the habit of brushing their teeth before bed reduces the risk of caries.”In a national survey of people who do not brush your teeth before bed number two more times than I brush my teeth berlubangnya” he said.

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