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Drug Side Effects, complained of Breast Cancer Patients

Nearly one third of breast cancer patients stop treatmentbecause of drug side effects. In fact, the drug needed to reduce the level of estrogen that fuels tumor come back to decrease.

Side effects the patient complained of pain in the joints includefalls the heat (hot flushes), weight gain and nausea. Drugconsumption in general is kind of an aromatase inhibitor forestrogen-sensitive breast cancer.

In a study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University in686 patients, 36 percent of women choose to stop their treatmentbecause of reasons against the side effects of drugs.

Patients involved in the study completed a questionnaire for quality of life and experience symptoms associated with cancertherapy evaluation. They asked the symptoms before treatmentand after 3 months, 12 and 24 of treatment.

After three months, one third of the patients experienced pain in the joints, 28 percent suffered a stroke in the face, and 24 percent claimed that his passion to decrease. The longer the therapy is done, the observed effects.

Those who stopped taking medication before the recommendedperiod of 5 years, patients still suffer from side effects ofchemotherapy or radiotherapy. As a result of medication sideeffects, 10 percent of women stop taking the medication within 2 years and 26 percent to close in the fourth year.

The patients also said that there are differences betweenphysicians with an explanation of side effects they feel. ”The doctors seem to underestimate the observed side effects of drugs,” said Dr.Lynne Wagner, who conducted the study.

In fact, stop treatment earlier can be dangerous. Therefore, patients should be advised to seek medical advice if you want to stop taking the medication.

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