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Dry Skin Easily Infected Bacteria

Women must have longed for a smooth and healthy skin. However,women’s lifestyle cities in Indonesia and climate change tends to disrupt the health and beauty skin with moisture, which in turnmakes the skin drier reduction.

“Dry skin should be avoided. In dry skin bacteria easy entry, causing an infection,” said Dr.. Nadia Yusaryahya, skin specialist,Media Workshop at Brand’s Bird’s Nest on Tuesday (11/10/2011).

According to Nadia, an infection of the skin for the development of diseases such as ulcers and invertigo. Apart from the lack of watercontent in epidermis and dermis, causing dry skin is alsoinfluenced by environmental effects such as exposure to air, climate change, pollution and ultraviolet rays.

“Infections can be viral pathogens. But in Indonesia, most bacterialinfections,” he said.

He added, the parents, the skin layer of the epidermis and the dermis often thinner than the skin of young people, making it easierto dry. Therefore, to maintain water levels will be maintained, Nadiacalled for sufficient water (8 glasses a day) and running a healthylifestyle with diligent practice, avoid alcohol, smoking and stress.

“The character was a bit dry scaly skin, cracking, itching and easy.If carded and hands are not clean, the germs easier access,” he explained.

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