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Ear Candle, Protects Body from Disease

Our ear has three parts, namely, the inner, middle and outer, which is potentially exposed to dirt, bacteria and viruses that lead to problems on their own. For example, the inner ear consisting of the semicircular canal and serves to balance the body, if infected cause labyrinthitis. Labyrinthitis is what will bring a feeling of nausea to dizziness. Then, the middle ear or the drum-shaped sponge is wet, if you have swelling due to excessive moisture will cause infection and even rupture the eardrum.
So how candles can eradicate all the complaints of the disease? It is the Indians who originally made of wax therapy with skin of corn dipped in beeswax. However, development times, candles are used for therapy is a special candle in a hole with a length of 20 centimeters, it is clear Budiman Susana, candles therapist therapy in his book Therapy Ear Candles (Ear Candling) .

Did you ever feel your ears tingling? If so, is a sign of our ears have dirt (cerumen). These wastes can be liquids or secretions coming out of the glands of the external ear. If allowed, the dirt will accumulate and harden. So you can not be taken with a cotton swab or cotton swab can specifically interfere with our own ears.Therefore, we need to wax therapy to help clean the earwax.

wax process to treatment by asking the patient to bend his body in bed, then wax therapy will be incorporated into our ear hole and then lit it. And this process is usually in the ear that is not problematic at first. small flame that is what will make the process of sucking the land slowly drawn to the bottom of the candle. The process is not long, just 15-30 minutes by a candle.

During the ongoing operation poses also massage therapists in the area behind the ear which aims to make patients feel more relaxed and accelerate the withdrawal process manure. And finally, the therapist is cut the sail, in accordance with the last candle burning limit. If we imagine that the rest of the burnt wax will get into your ear, you must discard the idea. Because candles are made from special materials that have been equipped with a filter that prevents the rest of the candle burning in our ears.
When talking about the intensity and amount of therapy requires the use of candles, which must adapt to the conditions of the disease and the amount of land that is in the ear. If only intended for maintenance only, just do as much as 6 times with two single candle therapy.

As with serious disorders of the ear, we recommend this treatment for 3 days for 3 weeks, but with a record of the healing of infection or inflammation of therapy before doing this.

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