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Eliminate Cellulite Secrets

Cellulite is a skin problem that Eve is to be feared. In fact, there is no permanent treatment for cellulite remedy, but there are severalways to hide it. Dr.Oz give the secret to combating this problem, as quoted on its website.

- Avoid too much salt intake.
Dr.Oz untukt not recommend consuming more than 6 teaspoons ofsugar per day. Also avoid foods that contain more than 200 mgsodium.

- Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.
Water removes toxins that hide in the folds of fat. Hydration is alsouseful for toning the body and makes clots less cellulite.

- Use non-elastic underwear.
Clamped elastic underwear cellulite, make it look bigger. Replace with nonelastis underwear, made ​​of a soft cloth.

- Use of retinol
Retinol helps to smooth the skin and make vague celebrity cellulite.For best results, use an additional content of retinol with vitamin A,C and E. Consult a physician in order to achieve optimal results.

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