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Error In Beauty Care

Being pretty is a big dream as a woman. Various methods are used to make this happen, from body care, exercise, diet, and so on. Unfortunately, there are some errors that may go unnoticed, but usually done by women to the process of beauty treatments to be less than optimal.

1. Haircuts are always fixed model

Many women already feel comfortable with your hair to keep it within a period of many years. We recommend making small changes in the model for haircut that looks cooler in general.

2. Too fat to avoid

Excessive amounts of fat causes problems for our bodies, but the fat still necessary. The lack of fat intake can cause dry, flaky skin and the hair becomes branched. The consumption of good fats come from vegetable fat consumed, so you can get beautiful skin without sacrificing your body shape.

3. Lack of exercise

Many of the benefits of exercise for the body, but also good for your skin because exercise increases blood flow in the blood, even in the skin and makes your skin glow.

4. Lack of sleep

The dream is that the body needs, but also very important for the skin. During sleep, the repair enzymes work to repair damage to body cells, reducing toxins and delivers nutrients to the body’s cells. Lack of sleep can make skin fresh and glowing eyes do not glaze.

5. One use of cosmetics

Do not use cosmetics that have expired, no cosmetic mengambik with a finger, not to enter the rest of cosmetics due to excessive use of cosmetics can cause skin irritation and acne.

6. No staff hygiene beauty tools

Sponge or brush dust will become a dirty cave when to use it germs and germs are transferred to your face and cause acne.Clean with hot water two weeks, or replaced if the condition is not worth taking.

7. Sleeping without make clean

The facial skin also needs time to renew cells and that was when we fell asleep. Composed not cleaning can clog pores, cause acne and irritation of the eyes. Because the makeup clogged pores so that the cell renewal process is blocked, causing the skin to become dull.

8. Too much of a hot shower

It’s an exciting time when a hot shower, but this can cause the skin to dry. Limit your bath time only for about 3 minutes with the water temperature is not too hot. Always use a moisturizer immediately after showering to prevent dry skin.

9. Spray perfume on her wrist

If you wear a watch or a bracelet, fragrances mixed with aromas of accessories. Preferably the spray perfume on pulse points in the neck, as this area is warmer and help spread the fragrance.

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