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Excessive exercise may trigger blood clots

High-intensity exercise is often considered more effective for burning fat. While excessive exercise can lead to a number of fatal health problems, one of which is the effect of blood clots can be fatal.

Danielle Yalop (24), Manchester, England, had to undergo surgical removal of a rib after suffering blood clots (deep vein thrombosis / DVT) which can clog arteries and cause death.

Yalop who works in marketing is usual workout at the gym five times a week. ”I am a shape and have never experienced this event before. I can not imagine my illness caused by exercise, “he said.

He first realized something was wrong when he saw the swelling in the lower leg. Because the swelling is gone in two days, he then visited the doctor and was diagnosed with DVT. By a doctor gave him medication to thin the blood and perform the surgical removal of the ribs so that the pressure in the arteries decreases.

DVT affects actually more passengers in a long flight. But according to doctors, Yalop suffer DVT because of the intense exercise does.

“When we exercise, the muscles become tense and swollen, pressing on the veins. This can cause blood clots,” said Professor Lu Baguneid the Yalop contractor.

The main danger of blood clots is whether some of that clot breaks off and reaches the bloodstream and then clog blood vessels. If the clot lodges in the lungs, called pulmonary embolism, if lodged in the brain will trigger a stroke.

Beguneid explain the most frequently encountered cases of DVT.Over the last two months he has treated three patients with similar kasusu. ”Most are due to weight lifting for your arms are excessive,” he said.

He explained it is difficult to determine an intensity of exercise safely. ”Safe or not depends on the ability of the muscles of a person in the pressure,” he said.

He therefore suggested that the exercise carried out in stages depending on the ability of the body.

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