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Fight Osteoporosis with Orange Juice

Osteoporosis is known to attack 75 million people in Europe, America and Japan. The latest study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, shows the influence of the orange and grapefruit juice consumption in 36 male rats were not testesnya (orchidectomi). The results showed that lemon juice. Positively on the antioxidant capacity of serum, bone strength, and the onset of cracks in the femur

Processing conditions “castrated” in experimental animals in accordance with the conditions of the men, aged 40, whose testosterone levels treated decreased by 1% per year, which ultimately causes the muscles and bones become weak. Researchers castrated rats to test a low testosterone level and its impact on bone strength through the consumption of citrus juices.

The rats were divided into four equal groups. The first group was castrated and served as a control, while the other three groups were castrated. One group received no treatment with the juice of the group are again treated with orange juice, and the other group is grapefruit juice administered for 60 days.

At the end of the study, it is known that the strength of the femur (hip bone), in the group treated with orange juice and a 6.3% fraction of 9.5% fall compared to the group, but not spayed juice supplements were given.

For the group, which was supplemented with grapefruit juice, the strength of the femur decreased by 3.7% and broken bones increased by 6.8% compared to the castrated group, but did not receive allowances juice.

The control group had (not neutered) reduces an 8% stronger and hip fractures by 10.2% compared with castration, but not supplemented juice obtained. Furthermore, the antioxidant capacity of the serum is treated in the group with lemon juice, also in comparison to castrated but no supplements were given juice.

These effects were found with bioactive flavonoids in citrus juice, which has the ability of antioxidants to protect the body tissues against oxidative damage. The results are consistent with previous studies that reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, that flavonoids and limonoids potential strength of the bones were published increase. However, further research is needed to identify the active components and modes of action, and show that. Treatment also advantageous for the human

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