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Fish Oil Proven Make It Smart

Fish oil is supposed to develop the intelligence to support children under five. However, scientific evidence suggests the opposite result. There was no difference in the level of the intelligentsia, in children who were given fish oil, and what does not when the child is six years old.

The study, which lasted seven years was announced by Dr. Cristina Campoy from Spain. The results of this study and strengthen the evidence of research scientists in Norway have recently also found no differences in IQ levels in children of seven years when his mother was pregnant consume fish oil, and which not.

Fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) found in oily fish and other foods, including milk, are necessary for fetal growth and development. The problem is, or pregnant women who took supplements of this nutrient, the intelligence of the baby’s later influence.

In his research, Campoy also asked the pregnant women who participated in this study consumed fish oil, fish oil and folic acid, folic acid alone, or pills that are no nutrients in two trimesters of pregnancy.

Seven years later, Campoy and his team tested the intelligence of the 154 children of mothers who participated in the study. The result, the children have a similar level of intelligence, regardless diasup addition to their mothers.

Despite this, Campoy confirmed the results of his research is not to prove that fatty acids like DHA are not important. In fact, researchers found that children at birth have a high enough level of DHA in their blood, the result of slightly higher intelligence test done when she was seven years old.

What I want to emphasize the results of this study is that pregnant women need not consume fish oil supplements. Adding food sources of omega-3 in the diet before and during pregnancy that is enough. In fact, diets rich in omega-3 in the long run much cheaper than fish oil supplementation during pregnancy.

Other studies on fish oil was published in Australia. They call fish oil supplements do not improve infant visual function.

The researchers found that there are many factors that infant growth and development, including genetic, stimulation, and also affect nutrition. In other words, if only rely on oil as the smart kids, then the result will be in vain.

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