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In order for Severe Acne No Increase

Although not preventable, there are several steps you can do to make acne worse.

- Gently wash your face every day. Avoid scrubbing too hard orwashing too often in one day.

- Avoid excessive sweating, if you think that can cause acne worse. Wash your face immediately after the end of themovement of the face clean of sweat.

- Wash your hair frequently, especially owners of greasy hair. Becareful not to cover facial hair.

- Avoid using hair products like gel, mousse, and ointmentcontaining a large amount of oil.

- Not as much as possible to touch the face.

- Avoid exposure to chemicals and oils such as kerosene.

- Workers cleaning the face of makeup before going to bed.Sleeping with makeup is still bound to cause a blockage in the pores.

- Remove make-up that has expired. Clean all equipmentregularly makeup with soap and water.

- Avoid using thick powder base.

- Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing will cause heat and moisture trapped in it and make the skin irritated. As far as possible, do not use a backpack, hel, or sports team to avoid friction with the skin.

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