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Including Mental Disorders Eating Disorders

Obesity is synonymous with disease and less attractive appearance. Therefore, people who are overweight afraid to make a variety of ways to avoid obesity. However, the results often make their eating disorder.

Eating disorders (ED) occurs because someone makes weight loss the wrong way.

“The roads snapshot offered also aggravate this condition,” said dr.Grace Jew-Kahl, lifestyle and weight management observers UP Event Form Tummy Talk Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (02.19.13).

He added that many people complain about their weight down hard apparently suffered eating disorders. “Many people do not eat a boost because of hunger,” said the experienced clinicians treating patients with this weight issue.

Eating disorder consists of various types, ranging from bulimia, anorexia, compulsive overating (overeating), emotional eating (food, so escape times of stress), night eating syndrome (is wake up at night to eat), to binge (eat a lot, but I always felt guilty).

In Ppedoman disease or Mental Disorders Diagnostic and Statistical mental disorder, eating disorders are included in the mental disorder.

According to Tara Adhisti of Thouars, a psychologist at Shape Up Indonesia, most people who have eating disorders are not aware of the proper conduct of eating but are difficult to control himself.

“Eating disorder is the enemy within. Presence of eating disorders is also influenced by the character of the person concerned,” said Tara.

For example, in people who are vulnerable and unstable emotional stress have an increased risk of eating disorders.

“After eating a lot of them are off. But then I felt guilty and positive feelings help feeling that it looks,” he said.

Disturbances in certain parts of the brain that regulates emotions and self-control can also lead to a person who has an eating disorder.

Grace explained that eating disorders can not be overcome only with dietary advice alone. Kogntifi also need therapy, even drugs depends on the patient’s mental state.