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Intense Exercise To Help Deal With Holiday Stress

This distraction from holiday stupidity can help. What is it exactly…Intense exercise. Don’t want to punch out the half-dead vampire of a cashier sucking on Twilight fantasy novels? Well, instead of firing off a couple rounds from a stun gun to incapacitate the dumb problems creating more dumb ones, take a break from holiday shopping. Set yourself up for an intense exercise that will whip not just you into shape but help alleviate some anger by putting that pent up energy somewhere else instead of the ill begotten family bitter about spending money to make the trip.

 Physically, the idea make sense and maybe a fresh mode to work into when family and friends make things more than hectic for the holiday season. The hormonal release can help your mood in a positive way rather than destroying the surrounding area in a napalm of frustration. The new Les Mills PUMP workout is the best intense workout program out right and a good round of the PUMP and Burn hour long workout or checking out the PUMP core disc on its own would be a good one to pop in when the dose of holiday cheer becomes a monotonous trudge of self-righteous nonsense. Even if it’s a short workout, the benefit you get a slight distraction that can help cope with holiday stress.

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