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Is it Wrong to be a Gay?

Once we talk about gay and homosexuality, there will be many opinions people had about it and it will be vary depend on how know they about the homosexuality actually isand this blog about homosexuality tries to bring some new information on this topic. Well, in some countries, to be a gay actually still is prohibited due the culture and region of people believe on there cannot accept about homosexuality and they think that it will be fault for someone to have it in their life.

Well, being a personal with same gender orientation actually is not about option. Some people may think that it will be better for them to make relationship with other people in same gender with them, but, there are many more people who have no such option in their life because they have brought it genetically. It came with their birth as their potential attends to be a gay and would appear out to their personality after they had growth to be an adult.

There are many gay people in the world nowadays. Therefore, once you know that you are preferred being a gay than heterosexual person, you should no worry to think about it because you still have many friends out there. Homosexuality is not fault, and it is different with transsexual disorder. As transsexual disorder is categorized as psychiatric disorder and people with this disorder attend to replace or change their genital organs so he will be looking a like real female but homosexuality people will never do that because they are actually normal with different sex orientation.

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