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Jaw Breaking and Popping Candy from

How can anyone forgot those days of running around as a child, looking like a squirrel with one cheek puffed out because you were sucking on jawbreakers? Jawbreakers the round hard colorful candy that felt like you would break a tooth or your jaw if you tried to break it. Instead, you could suck on it for hours and still have candy especially if you had the large ones from Candy Direct. And after all that sucking you finally made it to a middle of sweettart flavor and then it was gone. Many of kid have fallen asleep with the rest of his or her jawbreakers lying on the bedside table until morning when you would start sucking on it again.
Candy Direct is also a great place to find all flavors of the pop rocks. Pop rocks are no longer just for kids, now that fancy restaurants are using them in drinks and desserts. You never know when you are going to pop a bite into your mouth and it start popping and fizzing because it had pop rocks sprinkled across the top or inside.

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