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Jogging Eliminate Belly Fat Faster

Fat deposits in the abdomen can be a sign of metabolic disorder that leads to diabetes and heart disease. Do aerobic exercise is much more effective to get rid of abdominal fat rather than weight-bearing exercise.

In a study that lasted 8 months, the researchers compared the effectiveness of aerobic exercise such as jogging withendurance sports such as weightlifting, or any combination thereof to overcome the belly fat.

The study was conducted on 196 obese people who have a less active lifestyle. They were aged from 18 to 70 years.

Participants in the aerobic jogging 12 miles weekly with a heart rate (heart rate) of up to 80 percent. While the group endurance exercise is three sets of exercises with 8-12 repetitions of threetimes a week.

Aerobic exercise significantly reduced abdominal fat (visceral)fat and liver that are harmful to health. The number of calories burned 67 percent more.

On the benefits of group exercise weight lifting has not been seen. While the group sports a combination of benefit as a groupaerobics.

“Sport is a very good resistance to increase strength and muscle mass. But if you are overweight and want to get rid of belly fat,aerobic exercise is the best choice because it burns morecalories, “says Cris Slentz, of Duke University researchersconducting this research.

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