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Jump to Strengthen Bones

Jumping is part of the physical and that many advantages. Among other nervous system strengthened and compacted bone. The lower body. No equipment needed to carry out this exercise. Very simple and easy to do.
The only way to get and maintain a strong leg is often used. In addition to the diligent exercise routine walking or running, jumping exercises are also useful to strengthen the foot.

Frog jumping exercises are exercises that quite a strain on the body. Therefore, this exercise is not recommended for people who are overweight. However, if you have no problem with the knee, jumping exercises have many advantages. In fact, for those who are old, but no problems with the knee, do not hesitate to jump a little.

Jumping exercise is great for strengthening the nervous system, helps bone tamp, and improving our reflex reaction. Reflex response that will help us do better not be easy.

Frog jumping exercises focus on strengthening the power and strength in your lower body, especially the quadriceps (front thigh muscles). Furthermore, the jump also increases the heart rate quickly. Therefore, the jump will be called radio mini-workout.

Start slowly and add repitis to exercise if you are quite used to this exercise. Perform two sets of five to 10 repetitions for each movement.
For beginners, the exercises can be started by simply lifting the foot off the ground.

 If you trained, jump higher and added.

1. Start by giving the distance between two meters wide. Lead foot slightly outward and the arms hanging in front of the body.

2. While the position of the rear shoulder and chest, with the aim jongkoklah buttocks closer to the ground and your hands as close to the ground and your chest upright.

3. From the position-2, transfer weight to the front of your feet and jump into the air, while his hands reach the ceiling. Make sure that the country with the front legs and knees bent. Keep abdominal muscles strong. Then the body back into a squatting position with buttocks closer to the ground. Repeat this movement.

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