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Cerebrovascular accident (stroke = English) is a situation that suddenly interrupts the blood supply to part of the brain. In brain tissue, reduced blood flow can cause a series of biochemical reactions that can damage and even kill nerve cells in the brain.With death occurring in the brain tissue will be able to remove or destroy the function of which is controlled by the network. Besides causing death, a stroke could be saved if patients sometimes suffer from paralysis of limbs, loss of speech or partial loss of memory.

The first bout of motion sickness is only attacking the elderly.However, today there is a trend that threatens to hit a girl under age 45 or older. A stroke can affect anyone regardless of age, occupation or socioeconomic level.

In the United States and Europe Stroke is the No. 3 cause of death. While in the world, stroke is a disease of the number 3, which resulted in death after heart disease and cancer. Even according to the 2004 survey, the stroke is the number 1 killer in public hospitals across Indonesia.

There is no denying that the increase in stroke survivors in the world and Indonesia are identical to changes in lifestyle, diet rich in fat and cholesterol and subtracting physical activity (sports) a cause of stroke .

Types of stroke

1. Ischemic stroke

In ischemic stroke the blood flow to the brain stops caused by atherosclerosis, or accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of the blood or cause blood clots that block blood vessels pembulu in the brain. Most stroke patients and 83% suffered ischemic stroke type.

2. Hemorrhagic Stroke

Hemorrhagic stroke occurs in the rupture of blood vessels and inhibits the normal flow of blood and blood seeps into the region in the brain and cause damage. 70% of patients with hemorrhagic strokes occur in people with hypertension or high blood pressure.

Risk of stroke increases when you have the following:

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus
Hypertension or high blood pressure
High cholesterol
Family history
Undoubtedly, prevention is better than cure. Healthy lifestyle, healthy and balanced diet with sports activities, as well as maintaining an ideal body weight is a way to prevent this disease.

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