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Mobile Health Hazards

It is undeniable that in this digital age, where Handphone (mobile phones or mobile phones) have become a way of life, even in Indonesia.Regardless of the lower classes and the rich, Handphone has become a necessary element in any time. Handphone is also very useful especially in terms of communication.

Maybe we found that radiation from the signal generated by Handphone could cause cancer or other diseases. A Swedish study found that Handphone can increase the risk of cancer 400% of its users.

International EMF (electromagnetic fields) collaboration report the results of research conducted in 13 Western European countries that the radiation affecting the impact of Handphone on health, especially the health of children. Collaboration EMF researcher Lloyd Morgan says:

A number of countries are willing to block the use of Handphone for children, even France has been instructed to use Handphone for children is only used to send messages only.

Morgan also revealed that the conversation with Handphone in the long run increases the risk of a child or adolescent suffering from brain cancer. In addition to bagging a Handphone pocket or sleep membiatkan children near an active Handphone can also interfere with health.

In fact, the use of Handphone is very useful for human life, live now, how to regulate their use, do not overdo it, which if done to excess will result in a commodity.

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