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Natural antibiotic properties of garlic

The use of plants to treat illnesses for thousands of years has been carried out by the community. Including onions. According to records, garlic has been used since3,500 years ago in the world of cooking and treatment.

Although the smell is too strong, but compared to other super foods likepomegranate wine, red or green tea, onions were far superior in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Some chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cataracts and heart disease are just some examples of health problems can be overcome onions. In addition to herbs it also has a strong antibiotic and helps reduce diseases caused by bacterial contamination.

Hundreds of published studies mentions garlic naturally has a component thatprotects the cardiovascular and nervous system, improves immune function, fightingthe growth of Tuor, and help healthy hormone function.

One of the benefits of garlic in preventing heart disease is due to its ability to lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries, improving elasticity of blood vesselsand keep blood pressure remained normal.

Surprisingly onions also have anticancer activity and maintain levels of blood sugarare normal. It’s not just an onion prevent diabetes, you still have to compensate by limiting foods high in sugar and fat.

Harness the power of garlic to eat every day. Despite the real raw onion contains many nutritional components, but the onions are processed quickly abortion has been greatly reduced.

The thing to remember is to avoid the onion peeling process too deep, it contains itsouter shell, containing a cancer preventive flavonoid or more.

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