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Not Proven, HP Trigger Cancer Radiation

The use of cell phones or cell phones these days are often associated with impaired health problems like cancer. However, studies in Britain have recently pointed out that there was no convincing evidence linking cell phone use and cancer.

The scientists who carried out an overview of various studies that have been published previously found that “there is no indication of a risk” to public health from exposure to radio waves from mobile phones. Research conducted by an organization in England called the Independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation (AGNIR), which are sheltered under the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, AGNIR president, said, “there is no convincing evidence that RF exposure to cause health problems in adults or children. But to know the risks of using mobile phones over 15 years is still unknown, because we have little information or even nothing at all. ”

Anthony said at least one information on the risks of radiation exposure from cell phone beyond 15 years because most people do not use the phone until the 1990s.

Investigators also said there was no evidence that exposure causes brain tumors, other types of cancer, or fertility or harm heart health.

“Monitoring should be done because little information is known about the long-term effects,” added Anthony.

Recommendations for children

Although the HPA said that children should still avoid excessive use of cell phones.HPA will continue to provide advice in the form of prevention, an approach particularly in children.

The experts explained, need further research to determine the effect of RF fields on brain activity and a possible association with behavioral problems in children. The researchers also call for further investigation focused on the use of new technologies that emit radio frequencies: as a wireless signal from the transmitter in the houses and airport security scanners.

HPA confirmed not change its recommendation on the use of mobile phones on children.

“As this is a relatively new technology, the HPA will continue to recommend a cautious approach,” said Dr. John Cooper, director of the HPA.

“The HPA recommends that the excessive use of mobile phones by children should be limited,” he concluded.

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