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Omega-3 Repair Damage stroke

Recent research shows that diets rich in omega-3 was able to reduce the impact of stroke brain damage screwed up. The findings are based on the results of research on mice by Dr.Jasna Kriz and candidates Frédéric Laval University in Canada.

The results showed that the level of brain damage after strokereduced by 25 percent in mice receiving the supply of DHAomega-3 type every day. Details of this study can be found in the journal Stroke of the site.

The researchers found that the effect of the impact of stroke severity reduced in mice that were fed a diet rich in DHA for three months than in rats fed the control diet. In mice that received the DHA group, they experienced a decrease in the concentration of molecules that stimulate tissue inflammationand a large number of molecules that prevent the activation ofcell death.

“This is the first demonstration of a very convincing to the stronganti-inflammatory effects of DHA in the brain,” said Frederick.
He said this is the result of the protection of the substitution of the molecules in the nerve membrane, which partially replacearachidonic acid DHA, omega-6 fatty acids are known to haveinflammatory properties.

“Consumption of omega-3 to create an anti-inflammatorydamage and relieve the nerves surrounding the brain after a stroke. This prevents the acute inflammatory response which, if not controlled, hazardous to the brain tissue, “said Jasna.

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