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Peering Hidden Benefits of Mango

Any person may never have tasted the sweetness of mango fruit.Yes, the original plant from India that are also found in Indonesiais indeed very popular, not only adults but also children.

But did you ever imagine and discover the benefits offered by thisorange fleshy fruit of overall health? Here is a list of health benefits of fruit a Latin name, Mangifera Indica:

1. healthy Eyes
Besides rich in vitamin C, mango fruit has a high content of vitamin A. A cup of sliced ​​mango at least 25 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A. Research shows that mango effectivein preventing various eye diseases like myopia. softening of the cornea, dryness of eyes, itchy eyes and more.

2. The digestion process
Mangoes are digestive enzymes that help breakdown proteinsand helps digestion. In fact, this fruit also contain enzymes that increase gastric acidity and constipation due to the high fiber content in the prevention calm.

3. better sex
The content of vitamin E in mango fruit can increase a person’ssex drive by adjusting the sex hormones in the body.

4. improve memory
Mango fruit contains the amount of acid glutamine is sufficient.This connection is especially useful to improve memory.

5. Skin soft and radiant
Eating mangoes can make your skin softer and radiant. You can use the mango skin on the face for about 10 minutes to remove debris from clogged pores in the skin so that acne is the most common health problems faced.

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