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Pilates Not Just Fix Posture

Pilates, originally called Contrology and used to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during the First World War, now evolved into sports that increase flexibility, improve posture, and even improve their concentration.

Benefits of Pilates created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates was more felt by those who have problems with balance or suffer from chronic back pain. But basically everyone can learn Pilates.

In general there are four basic why Pilates is very important to learn.

1. If breathing
Although breathing is a basic function of the human body, but not many people who do it right. Breathing right will help your muscles oxygen while exhaling has a strong protective effect of the spine and support the abdominal muscles. Pilates is taught in the exciting activities to maximize exhaled adequately and cardiovascular function.

2. Improve posture
Poor posture can cause various ailments ranging from back pain in the shoulder. Keep your back straight line corresponding anatomy is the foundation of Pilates exercise. This exercise is aimed at maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, strengthening the supporting muscles around the spine.

3. Train the body
Although Pilates movements such as focusing on the abdomen and back, but actually for the greater axis of the body that is rarely seen in regular exercises. Involving the body to strengthen abdominal and back are the main exercises of Pilates ..

4. Developing awareness
Exercise such as Pilates not only physical but mental benefits as a whole. Breathing exercises and concentration process much like meditation, pilates, but it is not just clear your mind, in Pilates we focus on the body and movement. This relationship will improve our understanding of bodily functions and balance of body and soul.

Awareness of this body will help us focus on the muscles needed without pressing parts of the body. It will also coordinate the movement and prevent injury.

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