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Pregnant Women, Can Vegetarians?

Life without eating meat or being a vegetarian is a choice. A vegetarian diet is convinced he can make the body fit and healthy.But what about pregnant women? Is there a vegetarian diet influence the fetus?

During pregnancy the body’s need to increase the nutrients, including protein for growth and development of the fetus. In addition, pregnant women also need extra calories by 300 calories a day. “While protein needs are met, pregnant women should only be vegetarian. Only the conditions are varied so that the food should complement each other,” said Dr. Achmad Medium, SPOG of Kemang Medical Care Hospital.

He added, many patients who stayed through a vegetarian diet, but remained healthy throughout the pregnancy. ”The important thing is to plan well for the body is not malnutrition. Note also that the body also proceed if there is a lack of nutrients, the fetus takes for the body of his mother,” he said.

One of the most important nutrients during pregnancy is because the protein plays a role in the formation of blood cells, albumin, enzymes, hormones and replace cells, and many more.

“His replacement can be obtained from a variety of nuts and seeds. Must be met every day because, otherwise, can alter fetal growth and development,” he said.

Meanwhile, calcium can be obtained from soy foods, green leafy vegetables, or soy milk. However, if the mother was not sure of his health candidate result, Dr. Fiastuti recommends that vegetarians vegans change your diet to keep eating dairy, eggs and fish.

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