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Pressure Ulcers: when skin necrosis

Pressure ulcers are lesions that affect patients bedridden, naturally heal within a few months. Only one operation can accelerate healing. The decubitus ulcer is a pressure, if too hard tissue between tablet time (a bed or chair) and a bony prominence are occurring.

If zone compressed redness appears on the surface of the skin. Crushing pressure vessel into the deep. The blood watered several tissues, which eventually runs out of oxygen, as tissue hypoxia. If this continues, the tissues that need more oxygen, such as muscle and fat, die and become necrotic.

The scab is formed first in depth before opening to the outside. So when the skin necrosis and eventually expand and significant damage to the muscles and bones can also be achieved (risk of infection and amputation) are.

Of people with disabilities is especially sit all day, which exerts great pressure on the bones of the buttocks (buttock). Paralysis, loss of movement and sensation of the skin and not micromotion attention relieves the normal points.

If no precautions are taken, the crust is formed and leads to extensive destruction of tissue. Only surgery can repair the damage then. Is used in patients who have difficulty in healing (healing by three months) have directed.

Now follow are equally indispensable. The medical team also ensures that the patient will benefit from the program prior to surgery. And after surgery, they should reduce all possible precautions to reduce the risk of relapse.

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