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Preventing Acne

Hi girls! Have you ever had acne? I guess all of you will be saying yes. Why? It is because in the puberty period, the hormone percentage will be increasing, and it can cause acne. By the way, acne is not merely caused by that reason, there are so many things that can make the acne appears to your face. Almost of the girl try to prevent acne come to her face by washing their face regularly to avoid it comes.

So, you have to know that there are 3 main acne causes  that can affect the acne appear to your face. The first is the hormonal condition, the second is poor digestive system, and the third is the overload toxin. As you know, the first reason is common to be heard. There are two reasons that possible to the imbalance hormonal, it is because the bad diet or the Stress. As you know, stress can make somebody have a bad life style.  In other hand, the bad diet is also can make you stress. So, do not be stress if you do not want it appears.

diet for acne is also can be done. How come? As you know some of the food or drink which is consumed will support the hormone production. So, avoid too much milk to get your oily skin far from acne. So, have a try this tips.

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