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Proven Not Trigger Cell Phone Brain Cancer

A large-scale studies show no link between prolonged use of mobile phones with an increased risk of brain tumors. The study conducted by researchers from Denmark, was conducted on 35,000 users of mobile phones were monitored for 18 years.

Previous studies suggest an association between mobile phone use and tumors are considered incomplete because there is no long term studies.

Earlier in June, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) states that the radio frequencies emitted by cell phones electromagnetic be carcinogenic to humans.

But the theory has been refuted by research done by researchers from Denmark. The study was conducted by comparing the cancer risk that is owned by the owners of mobile phones in Denmark (approximately 420,000) people, with the entire population in Denmark.

Patrizia Frei, a postdoctoral researcher and member of the Danish Cancer Society, this conduct research, analyze medical data among 358,403 cell phone users between 1990 and 2007.Generally diagnosed with a tumor in the central nervous system of 10,729 people.

However, in people who use mobile phones in the long term (more than 13 years), the incidence of cancer is almost the same with people who do not use the phone.

“Follow-up studies on long allowed us to evaluate the effects of mobile phones in human studies that use more than 10 years. It appears that is not related to cancer risk,” said researchers.

However, according to them the results of this study may not apply to the possibility of increased risk of cancer for very heavy cell phone users or people who used their phones for more than 15 years.

“Further research with larger populations is essential to eliminate prejudices and certain studies,” he said.

Currently there are an estimated 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and the numbers will continue to rise. Besides the amount of time people spend an estimated cell phone use is increasing.

IARC itself recommends using SMS or features hands-free wear earphones to cell phone radiation exposure reduction.

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