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Routine Infant Head Circumference Measurement

“What is your baby’s weight now?” ”It increases how high?”. Both questions are usually dominate the attention of parents for your baby’s growth. Rarely are parents who are interested in measuring the circumference of the baby’s head.

The size of the circumference of the baby’s head, according to dr.Attila Dewanti, SP.A, become one of the important parameters of growth of a baby. ”The size of growth of head circumference, brain volume reflects the baby a month,” he said.

The average size of the circumference of the baby’s head at birth is 34 to 35 cm. head circumference is greater than 2 cm per month at the age of 0-3 months. Moreover, at the age of 4-6 months to grow 1 cm per month, and at age 6 to 12 months increased by 0.5 cm per month.
“Get used to measure the circumference of the baby’s head on a regular basis. If the size is not more than two months, be careful,” said a pediatrician at the UB Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Jakarta.

Human brain growth, “continued Attila, from three trimesters of pregnancy until the baby was three years. Therefore, recommends that parents regularly monitor the size of the circumference of the head of the child until the age of three years.

This growth of the brain is a complicated process that is genetically programmed, and follow a regular sequence according to chronological age. ”If the growth process of the higher brain, for example due to a disease that attacks brain cells, brain development can not be repeated again,” he said.

Most of the infant brain growth occurs in the first three years of life.When the weight of a newborn baby’s brain 350 grams. Then, the peso rose to 1,000 grams, at the age of one year and 1,200 grams per child two years old.

In adulthood, the human brain is only 1250 grams for women and 1,400 grams in men. ”So 175 percent of brain development occurs in children up to five years,” he said.

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