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Seaweed Trigger Cancer in Women

Recent studies have shown that the alga was originally the high risk of cancer in postmenopausal women. As reported by NYDaily News, an increase of thyroid cancer is related to iodine mineral found in certain seaweed.

A Japanese study showed that regular consumption of algae by women in thepostmenopausal period may increase the risk of thyroid cancer. They combine this case with the iodine content in the macrobiotic diet.

The study was conducted for 14 years to nearly 53,000 Japanese women aged 40 to69 years. The results showed that this group appeared in 134 cases of thyroid cancerand 113 cases of papillary carcinoma. Women who eat seaweed every day have a higher chance of developing cancer 1.7 that women who eat twice a week.

This risk is even doubled in women who are postmenopausal period, and 3.8 times more likely to have cancer than people who eat algae.

“Algae are clearly associated with an increased risk of papillary carcinoma Tekenadisease.” Said researchers from the National Cancer Center and the National Instituteof Environmental Studies.

Based on research in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, is still not knownwhy women in the postmenopausal period have a higher risk of cancer. However, this is probably related to the iodine is in seaweed.

Japanese women have a higher risk because they usually eat algae that contains 80percent iodine. However, in this study did not indicate how much algae is consumed bythe participants in the study period from 2003 to 2007.

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