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Shape Your Body Pears or Apples?

Knowing the type of body shape not only allows us to choose the type of body building exercise that right, but also helps us identifythe type of fat that hides in the body. How I can define the shape ofthe body right?

To find out, measure two things, namely waist circumference andhip circumference. Waist circumference is between the belly andlower chest (the smallest circumference of your body). While thehip is at the widest point of your body.

After knowing the size, it’s time to calculate the waist to hip ratio (WHR) and waist circumference divided by hip formula. If the resultis less than 1 means that your body is pear-shaped, while if yourRHO 1 or more, then the body blocks.

In addition to adopting a formula which, by naked eyes, we canclassify our bodies with the following signs:
Pears: Marked with the bottom of a larger body than the top. The physical characteristics, hips wider than shoulders, because we are fat distribution in the pelvic region.

Apples: The owner of this body has a top that is wider than thelower body. That’s why from the chest to the stomach bigger in sizeof the pelvis. That’s why when the weight gain the most visible bodyfat accumulation is part of the body.

People with apple body shape should be more careful because they are more at risk of developing the disease, especially thoserelated to the heart.

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