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Skin rashes due to Jewelry

Jewelry is the best friend of a woman. But often complement this performance actually cause allergic skin reactions such as itching,rash, until the appearance of ulcers.

Allergic reactions that occur are usually caused by nickel, a mineral that is often used in a variety of jewelry and accessories, such asclock, glasses, up the zipper and buttons, direct contact with theskin in a while. This allergy affects about 10 percent of the population and the more experienced women.

Patients who suffer from eczema skin is more prone to suffer fromnickel allergies due to nickel particles more easily enter the blood vessels in the wound surface of the skin. In addition, the nickel particles in contact with open wounds can cause skin to becomesensitive.

Allergic reactions caused by nickel particles occurs because thebody’s immune system to attack an enemy, and germs. When the”foreign body” is in contact with the skin, the body reacts and causes skin reactions.

Primary prevention of nickel allergy is to avoid objects that aremade ​​from nickel. But you can also work around this problem by using a steroid cream on the skin surface which will come into contact with nickel object. This method can prevent skin inflammation, but not recommended for use in the long term.

You can also defeat by coating jewelry or objects containing nickelwith a special coating so that no direct contact with skin. Coating products are safe and generally do not damage the surface of the jewelry.

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